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Publicação do projeto Casa Cor Bar no Archdaily.

The brief for the Casa Cor Bar required us to explore the formal possibilities of applying a very simple and inexpensive construction system with a light steel frame. Industrialized resistant high quality materials (stainless steel plate, mirror finishing on the outside and matte on the inside) clad this custom designed object were used to build the project in just 3 weeks, making it portable and usable in various ways.The bar was initially planned to operate in any open space, public or private, as a kind of non-site-specific structure, and is supposed to be an informal lounge and retreat space within any context. With dim lighting and some cork benches distributed at strategic points, the orange carpet floor unfolds into bleachers and stepped platforms where people can relax and admire the landscape from inside or outside.This unusual and irregular cruciform bolide has landed on a rooftop, in this case, but can be removed later on without losing its visual impact: a park, a plaza, a garden, or even the roof of another building.